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Shen Yun 2024 World Tour is now over.

We will be continually adding cities to the 2025 season schedule.
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    About the Performance

    You will be taken on a journey to magnificent eras in Chinese history, as well as to periods from China’s recent past. Ancient stories and legends, ethnic and folk traditions, villains and heroes will come to life on stage through classical Chinese dance, live music, and stunning digital backdrops. You can expect an experience like no other, one that not only entertains, but also enriches and inspires.

    A Shen Yun performance is roughly two hours, plus intermission. There are about 17-18 short dance pieces in each performance, which offer variety in terms of both pacing and style. Some pieces feature stories from ancient Chinese history or mythology, others from contemporary China, while still others feature dance styles and costumes from different dynasties, regions, and ethnic groups.

    A live orchestra plays original music to accompany each of the dance pieces. Bilingual emcee hosts briefly introduce each piece to provide you with helpful background so that you can appreciate the experience more fully. Interspersed between the dances are 2-3 classical vocal and instrumental solos.

    Shen Yun productions are unforgettable for their combination of music, dance, brilliant costumes, and animated backdrops—which also contain a few surprises!

    “Shen” means divine or divinity, and “Yun” means feeling or rhythm. What would it be like if beautiful beings came down from the heavens and danced before your eyes? That’s the idea.

    Shen Yun means, “The beauty of heavenly beings dancing.” Sounds magical, right? It is!

    planning your visit

    Performances start right on time. Please plan ahead to arrive well in advance in case of traffic or other unexpected delays. The performance is one whole experience—you won’t want to miss any part of it.

    Patrons should wear evening or business attire to the event. It can be a tuxedo or evening gown, or a suit or jacket and tie. We recommend wearing something that allows you to look and feel your best. You are in for a special treat, so why not dress for the occasion? Who knows, you might even decide to snap a photo in front of the Shen Yun step-and-repeat wall in the theater lobby and post it on Facebook or Instagram, so you’ll want to make sure it’s a good one.

    After you’ve successfully purchased your tickets, of course! As for during the performance, applauding at the end of each piece and after the emcees finish their introductions is customary. Of course, if there’s a certain aspect of the performance that particularly moves or delights you, feel free to applaud mid-piece.


    Scalping is a common problem in the world of event ticketing nowadays. Some individuals buy tickets directly from the source and then resell them, usually online, for upwards of double the original price! Please be aware that tickets sold through third-party websites or entities might NOT be honored come showtime. Moreover, if such tickets are resold above face value, the resellers may have their tickets cancelled without notice and be unable to purchase future tickets.

    You can find Shen Yun merchandise in most theater lobbies during intermission as well as before and after the performance. You can also shop online at

    We don’t sell DVDs of our dance performances. The full impact of our performance can only be felt by experiencing the dance, costumes, backdrops, and orchestra live, in-person, in the theater.

    BUT, we recently launched an online streaming platform called Shen Yun Creations. There, you can watch many dance performances from past seasons, Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra concerts, our original operas, classical Chinese dance technique collections, instructional videos, behind-the-scenesfootage, videoshorts, and much, much more.

    Visit: Shen Yun Creations.

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