Shen Yun Performing Arts Reviews: Kathleen Gorman

“Fantastic. I’m really enjoying the concert. I’m really appreciating the juxtaposition of the Chinese music—using pentatonic scales which are crossing with European themes. I hear sort of a mixture of two cultures and it’s a fantastic orchestra. I’m really impressed... The musicianship is very high level. You can see there are many virtuosos in the orchestra. Fiona, the soloist who played the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, she was fantastic. Exhilarating. The overall sound of this orchestra is very lush, it's very brilliant, it's really clean. They’re so precise. It’s a really high level of mastery. And the conductor tonight is fantastic. It’s a pleasure to watch him—he’s great. He’s so dynamic and I think the orchestra is really sounding great because of his talents as a conductor.”

Kathleen Gorman, pianist and composer