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“It was just brilliant, it was a brilliant production. I tell everyone, ‘You’ve got to see this. If you don’t get a chance to see it now, you must see it in the following years.’ Because there’s nothing like it that I’ve ever seen. It’s just really, truly brilliant. The dancing, the costuming, the music itself, and you learn a lot about ancient China, which I, I’m going to go and do some research, because it’s fascinating, the history that’s unfolding in front of you. It’s just beautiful. So we’re very lucky to have this come to us here in Thousand Oaks… Her voice was just so ethereal… Well, in my business we would crassly say, ‘The lady has chops! Marvelous soprano, powerful soprano, we enjoyed listening to her immensely... The lyrics were quite marvelous, they suited completely with the tenor of the entire production. They suited it very very well, I thought that artistic choice was excellent… My God, the wardrobe mistress backstage must have fourteen hands! It was absolutely, the costume changes are amazing!! I don’t know how they do it! It was incredible, quite incredible.... Don’t wait, get your tickets now, it’s wonderful. Everyone in the audience is going to go home and say, ‘You’ve got to see this show,’ and they’ll be sold out. So get to the ticket office right away… And thank you for a lovely evening, it was marvelous… Yes, definitely.”

Lee Meriwether & Marshall Borden, accomplished actress & actor