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“I believe that there’s a very powerful message in this, a very unique one. We have too many negative forces around us everywhere today, from Hollywood to all the media… But from this, I saw that this is pure substance, of kindness, and goodness, and faith… The dancers were phenomenal... The orchestra really brings out the best of both [Eastern and Western] music, and I see that not only the Chinese music is great, but also the blending of it, which is really a craft… I think the medium is very, very powerful. It’s very good… I can take pride in my culture through this… I can see the Chinese culture is being exemplified by the content I heard today… With this modern age we are very, very densely covered with many material things. Today it’s almost like there was a clean sweep and an opening, allowing me to see the mirror and see myself and see my own soul.”

John Ching, attorney & interpreter