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“As I watch those dancers and I listen to the music, I think, ‘This is incredibly good. It’s world standard. These people can do anything.’ Then I think, ‘In China there are a billion people and they can’t do anything. What would happen if all of that talent were released?’… If you think of the plight of the practitioners in China—who are being tortured, they’re being used in a satanic way as sources of organ transplants and all the rest—this is a hideous crime. And no one never hears about it, though we have all the proof—we have tapes, we have photographs, we have everything. Who would have thought that after that, the whole world would be covered with these [performing arts] troupes. So all I can say is tremendous congratulations... This demonstrates, in some sense, the unity of the universe and the unity of truth. So, that is what I have to say. Thank you very much, it’s a great privilege to come.”

Dr. Arthur Waldron, professor of International Relations, University of Pennsylvania