Shen Yun Song Texts


The Path to Heaven

So many in this world are divine, hailing from above
They came to await the Way, to read the golden book
But alas—so fraught with peril is this mortal world
Seeking fame and fortune, man sinks into the abyss
But with whom did they sign that pledge, long ago?
Their loved ones in heaven worry over them so
Status, wealth, obsession, enmity—all end up in vain
Hasten to seek truth, the path to heaven

For What is Life?

For whom do I make haste, all life long?
Status, wealth, love—all lead to pain
In the end, I know not who I am
Heaven offers not a word as I wander, confused
Yet right in our midst, the Dafa now spreads
Awareness can steer this wayward ship
Truth calls us to tell good from evil
With our true selves found, heaven awaits

The Choice

Of your long-cherished hope I sing
Truth shall restore your true thoughts
And rekindle memories of your age-old promise,
Helping you fulfill those ancient vows
Be not deceived by the lies, born of suppression
For truth is the key to life
I hope for all lives to escape misfortune
As good and evil contest,
The divine honor their word  

The Only Hope

It was formed over the ages
Five millennia of glory, in turmoil today
The final stage now arrives
For history holds: where there is creation, extinction
Yet all hope is not lost
The Creator has not forgotten mankind
But in this illusory place, you must see the truth
In the followers of Dafa lies the lone hope of salvation

Shen Yun Vocal Technique