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PRESS RELEASE: Status of Shen Yun Performances in Response to the CCP Virus (COVID-19)

From the day of its inception, Shen Yun’s mission has been to bring the beauty and depth of traditional Chinese culture to the stage, and provide audiences with an experience of hope and renewal. Performing for audience members is truly a great source of joy that inspires both our artists and staff. As we face the spread of the CCP virus (COVID-19), however, the public’s well-being has become our highest priority.

It is with regret that Shen Yun has thus had to begin cancelling and rescheduling some of its performances. We take seriously the health of our patrons as well as our artists, and are committed to working with state and local governments that have decided to temporarily suspend performing arts events in their areas. We realize what difficult decisions these must be to make, and appreciate the efforts communities everywhere are making to deal with the rapidly changing situation.

For now, we ask that those who have purchased tickets in the affected areas hold onto their tickets and allow time for ticketing-related matters to be addressed. Shen Yun is hosted during its tours by local presenting organizations, which assume responsibility for such matters, and these presenters will handle the ticketing issues in each locale. Please stay tuned for further information from them, and rest assured that you are in good hands.

We would like to thank you for your tremendous support during this difficult time. And we are pleased to announce that Shen Yun will prepare and bring you an even more incredible production in the coming year!

(The latest performance information can be found on the individual page for each city.)