“They’re top-notch, they’re stunning,
they’re articulate;
they’re everything that you could want to see in a dancer ... It’s absolutely breathtaking.”
Dana Von der Crone  ballerina
“I could soar like a bird. I just felt I could fly away on that beautiful background ... I should be more sophisticated after doing this
for 30 years, being a critic. I couldn’t help but
feel this was so special … I just feel like a child again ...
I don’t want to leave the theater … I have not seen anything like that in a theater.”
Rich Massabny  arts critic
“We are absolutely in love with Shen Yun ... This is going to become a family tradition
to come see it every year.”
Juan Carlos Perez  Hewlett Packard executive
“Shen Yun isn’t just a beautiful performance—it is a chance for people around the world to experience the essence of Chinese civilization. Shen Yun is a flawless presentation of the inner beauty of Chinese culture.”
Wenzhuo Hou  Ottawa-based Chinese scholar
“It’s absolutely beautiful. It was so inspiring,
I think I may have found some new
ideas for the next Avatar.
It is absolutely astonishing to see the colors. To see the discipline, the skill that these dancers execute these very difficult maneuvers. The choreography is beautiful and the graphics I thought were so interesting."
Robert Stromberg  Academy Award-winning production designer for Avatar
“A beautiful show... fantastic! If you ever get a chance to see it, you should.”
Joy Behar  Co-host of ABC’s The View
“Shen Yun demonstrates the highest realm in art and inspires the performing arts world… Their passion is really touching. The show was excellent, the content rich, the stage effects were amazing.”
Chi Cao  Lead role in Mao's Last Dancer, principal dancer for Birmingham Royal Ballet
“I probably have reviewed over three to four thousand shows, which still cannot compare to what I saw tonight. I give this production Five Stars, that’s the top! The best word to use is ‘mind-blowing’!”
Richard Connema  Talkin’ Broadway
“I’ve watched so many productions in China, but none like tonight’s… These are the things of genuine traditional Chinese culture, and drastically different from other
performances from mainland China.
I was truly captivated body and soul.”
Song  Theater arts professional from Mainland China
“It offers something entirely different
and entirely new.
Remarkable... It deserves to succeed as it always does ... It's a fascinating insight into what China's culture used to be and what I hope one day will be restored to China.”
Edward McMillan-Scott  Vice-President of the European Parliament

Latest Reviews

  • “A visually dazzling tour of 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture.”
  • “Brilliant choreography… extravagantly beautiful.”
  • “Superb! Every performance was stunning.”
  • “Beautiful sound… strikingly intricate melodies.”
  • “Breathtaking vistas… Vigorous jumps and dazzling spins.”
  • “A vision of loveliness, from the very first moment… The best projections I have seen in a very long time."
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