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Rocky Liao

Principal Dancer


Born in: Hong Kong
With Shen Yun Since: 2007

Rocky Liao won first place in the adult male division of New Tang Dynasty Television’s 2012 International Classical Chinese Dance Competition, after winning second place in the same division in 2010, and first place in the junior male division in 2009. He pursued advanced studies in classical Chinese dance at the New York-based Fei Tian Academy of the Arts and Fei Tian College.


Personally Speaking...

Chinese Name: Liao Ruoshan (廖若山)
Meaning of Chinese given name: “Like Mountain”
Born in: Hong Kong, 1991
Lived in: England and Maryland
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite car: Chevy Corvette
Favorite activity: Doing what no man has ever done before… and soccer
Hardest dance piece ever: The role of Lin Chong in Outlaw of Mount Liang (2015)
Best dance technique: Spinning shuāng fēi yàn (雙飛燕) “two flying swallows”
Pre-show boost: Take a peek at the audience coming in
Intermission activity: Sneak fruit and juice from green room
Favorite tour country: New Zealand, because it reminds me of Lord of the Rings